Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I have a practice in psychotherapy and consultation. As a clinical social worker and a Jungian Psychoanalyst, I work with children and adults. As a Jungian, I find my commitment to promote one's understanding of oneself to be of prime importance. By using the Jungian techniques of active imagination, dream analysis, and sandtray, the patient is able to more fully search for one's deepest self. The world benefits from each of us doing our self-work. I generally work long term, seeing a patient once per week.

Since everyone's process is unique, I also lead retreats and labyrinth workshops where participants find themselves opening to different levels of awareness. Individual and group psychotherapy can be pursued after these events; the idea is to work intensively over specified days and come back together at later scheduled times in the year.

The therapeutic relationship is the most important part of treatment and my style includes being "present", using a sense of humor, active listening, and gentle confrontation. I like to work with patients who honor their process and take their work seriously, yet have an active engagement with the outer world.

I have trained with Dr. Rev. Lauren Artress to become a labyrinth facilitator. Walking the labyrinth helps connect us to our inner world, and at the same time, to the outer one. Labyrinths are over 4,500 years old and are found in many cultures all over the world. I use it primarily to help people who are in bereavement and want to find a way to cope with their loss. Also, it is a great tool to promote a "contemplative" attitude towards one's life journey. We all know the saying, "life is a journey", but do we know what we need to make it a pilgrimage?


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